Grace Treffinger

Regional Organizer: Gulf South for a Green New Deal

Grace (she/her) is a Regional Organizer for Gulf South for a Green New Deal at Taproot Earth. She was a line cook for many years which led her to organize for a more just and sustainable local food system. While studying agroecology, food sovereignty, and environmental studies at UC Berkeley, she was a leader in organizing efforts to protect public land for student and community farming projects. Through organizing a political education collective as part of this effort, Grace developed relationships with social movements in Colombia and Brazil fighting for land reform, such as the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST). Those learnings still inform her organizing and hope rooted in global solidarity.

Upon returning home, inspired by the Gulf South for a Green New Deal launch, Grace began organizing with Sunrise New Orleans. Grace and other Sunrise leaders helped launch the “We Declare” Campaign, pushing for Green New Deal declarations and resolutions across the Gulf South.

Grace resides in her hometown of New Orleans, LA.