Maria Victoire (she/her)

Regional Organizer

Photo of Maria Victoire

Maria Victoire (she/her), a native of Mauritius (a small island in the Indian Ocean), has 35 years of experience in social and environmental justice and community organizing, including 15 years in Louisiana.

In 2005, just after Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of residents from New Orleans, Maria helped many families living in poverty return and start rebuilding in partnership with many environmental and social justice organizations in Louisiana, Atlanta, and West Virginia. During the rebuilding phase, she co-wrote and coordinated a book with 50 displaced families called Not Meant To Live Like This: Weathering the storm of our lives in New Orleans.

In 2017, Maria conducted training programs and campaigns and led participatory action research of “Multiple Aspects of the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty” in Mauritius. She also developed strategic plans and organized many community events within Black communities in New Orleans and Mauritius. She joined ATD Fourth World Movement in 1990 and has worked as program director in Ivory Coast, Réunion Island, France, West Virginia, and Louisiana. She also worked for two years in partnership with Families and Friends of Louisiana Incarcerated Children, is a member of Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition and New Orleans Court Watch. She has also served as a board member at Southern Partners Fund for four years.

Marie is based out of New Orleans.