Liberation Horizon

Imagine opening your tap, bathing your child, or making a pot of coffee, rest assured that the water is clean, as nature intended. Imagine not having to choose between heating your home on a winter night or next month’s rent. Imagine a neighborhood full of old trees, chirping birds, and crisp air, where you and your loved ones can bask on a summer day. This is the life that all of us deserve.

Welcome to the Liberation Horizon, a world where all of us can live, rest, and thrive. This vision starts with ensuring that those who live on the land and water have the right and resources to protect and steward the places they call home.

Scientists have warned us about the 2030 climate clock: an event horizon of a black hole. We have been told this is a point of no return, a specter that has fostered scarcity, urgency, and technical solutions that divide us from each other and the Earth. We reject 2030 as our end game. When we replace disposability with sustainability, authoritarianism with collective governance, and privatization with stewardship, we get closer to this horizon.

We root in the lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 BP Oil Drilling Disaster, and Hurricane Ida when the community rose up. By moving with abundance and invoking community, accountability, and justice, we can usher in a new reality.

We call this “replicable gravity” — a force so strong that it can alter our direction toward liberation. Like a wild dandelion taking root in different soils, absorbing nutrients from the ground, we invite you to imagine and build this world with us.