Movement Building

Taproot Noire

Taproot Noire –  a network of climate innovators across the global Black diaspora that connects, exchanges and aligns climate solutions from the frontlines and beyond.

Taproot Noire is an international network of Black Climate Leaders from across the African Diaspora. Leaders share models of climate solutions being built and created at the global climate frontlines including models of community governance and control, as well as tangible, replicable solutions toward energy democracy, land and food sovereignty and water justice.  Members contribute to the global south movement demanding climate reparations, share best practices on tangible solutions to disaster response and climate adaptation, and gather several times a year with an intention to rebuild what colonialism and capitalism has attempted to destroy- our human connection to as Black people and our historic and emerging role as solutionaries. 

If you identify as Black, African American, of African Descent or African, we invite you to join us as we share, learn and practice liberation together. Join us!

Taproot Noire’s Black Climate Leaders Global Social at NY Climate Week. (Photo Credit: CFreedom)

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