After witnessing the destructive impact of Hurricane Ida in 2021, we launched our national Climate Action Strategy known as #WeChooseNow. This work emerged from frontline communities from the Gulf South to Appalachia, which are organizing for equitable jobs, infrastructure, and an ecosystem for years to come. Our approach is rooted in storytelling and organizing, policy and movement building.

Too often, frontline communities have been pitted against each other in a zero-sum game and are competing for resources or political power.

Taproot Earth provides the space and resources for frontline groups to come together, discuss what’s happening in their communities, develop a shared analysis of the problem, and engage in consensus decision-making. We acknowledge that for us to win on climate, everyone needs to be moving in the same direction, where no community is compromised.

This alignment work takes the form of people’s movement assemblies. We see our role as leveraging resources and relationships so that impacted groups are positioned to take on local fights and move from fighting fossil fuels to reimagining and advancing the solutions that enable all of us to thrive.

Core elements and geographies of this work include:

    • Gulf South for a Green New Deal: We seeded and support this regional network with the goal of supporting frontline communities with the training and tools to advance climate justice. We do this by offering leadership development, facilitating collective decision-making processes, and moving resources to the ground. 
    • Gulf to Appalachia Climate Action Strategy: We bring together frontline communities from the Gulf to Appalachia to build relationships, identify shared climate goals and vision, and move collective work.