Movement Building

#WeChooseNow Campaign

We launched the #WeChooseNow campaign after witnessing the destructive impact of Hurricane Ida in 2021 on jobs, infrastructure, and marine life in Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and globally.

#WeChooseNow is our bold effort to take on climate change from an intersectional lens. Under this campaign, we integrate policy and organizing, communications, and storytelling — acknowledging that for change to transpire, our movements must incorporate multi-faceted ways to engage and rally communities.

Campaign Goals


Offshore oil & gas drilling and coal mining contaminate our water and land. The fossil fuel industry —rooted in extraction and profit hoarding — exerts outsize influence over local, state, and national lawmakers. Our divestment strategy is focused on ending the control that fossil fuels have on our lands, water, economy, and democracy — so that communities can build power and voice in management around natural resources and public goods.

We call for the end of fossil fuel development of LNG terminals, petrochemical plants, and other industry-created schemes like Carbon Capture & Storage and blue hydrogen.


Frontline communities deserve the resources to build solutions that have tangible impacts on their communities, like healthy and climate-resilient homes and schools, and jobs that sustain their families and the planet. We are building power from the Gulf South to Appalachia, identifying state policies, federal opportunities, and philanthropic resources, and aligning partners around solutions that enable communities to thrive.


Privatizing the management of public resources forces an artificially high price tag on water and electricity. This contributes to escalating energy bills, utility shut-offs, and community displacement. We believe that public governance and community stewardship of the land, water, and energy are essential to climate solutions. We build a community-driven approach that includes sustainable jobs and justly-sourced renewable energy that does not compromise the people or the planet.

Campaign Components

No More Fossil Fuel Build-outs

Fossil fuel infrastructure is already rampant across the Gulf South and Appalachia. We work to ensure that communities across these regions are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to engage in democratic processes, legal interventions, and policy decisions that demand no more oil and drilling or pipelines.

#NoNewLeases Petition: Calling for no new offshore oil and gas drilling leases and mobilizing community members to submit public comments on the BOEM proposal.

Climate Action Strategy

The Climate Action Strategy aligns and builds power across regions to advance public governance and stewardship of land, water, and energy. Using the People’s Movement Assembly process, we convene frontline communities to build shared analysis, cultivate solutions, and create specific policy strategies and actions that advance a frontline vision for climate justice. The first phase of our Climate Action Strategy focuses on a Just Transition from Gulf to Appalachia. The Strategy includes:

  • Advancing a bottom-up policy process from local to state efforts to inform regional and national solutions.
  • Strengthening relationships across the Gulf South and Appalachia that can be keystones to a Just Transition.
  • Creating a playbook of strategic and tangible policy solutions that support a frontline vision to address the new climate reality.
  • Investing in the movement infrastructure and mobilizing resources to support frontline solution-building.
  • Aligning power-building efforts to advance frontline solutions that can be replicated across states and regions.

Listen, amplify, and follow.

Join us as we make magic and usher in a new era.
We have too much at stake to let this moment pass.