What will it take to build a world where we can all live, rest, and thrive in the places that we love?

Welcome to Taproot Earth.

We emerge as a new international organization to address our collective climate reality.
Scientists tell us that 2030 is a date of no return.
We cannot go on with business as usual or incremental steps.

To meet this moment we set forth on a 7-year journey to:

  • Cultivate

    Cultivate frontline solutions and leadership from the Gulf South to the Global South.

  • Advance

    Advance policy and legal strategies to collectively govern land, energy, and water.

  • Amplify

    Amplify climate solutions rooted in Black Liberation and Indigenous wisdom.

  • Foster

    Foster spaces for restoration and re-imagining climate action.

  • Leverage

    Leverage resources for those most impacted by climate change.

We choose now to move with joy, abundance, and humility,
knowing that fear and scarcity are not options.

We invite you to listen, amplify, and follow.

How We Got Here

When Hurricane Katrina hit our shores in 2005, the failures of the federal government response proved to us that Black and Indigenous communities were most immediately impacted by the storm. This was our time to RISE.


Over the past seventeen years, we, the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, have watched as those on the frontlines showed how to keep each other safe and rebuild equitably after a disaster. We also know this is a global challenge. The storms have also shown us that borders are not real. Indeed, pollutants from the Mississippi flow to the Dakotas, and an extractive economy in Africa or Appalachia depletes all of us.


Like taproots, we are going deep to come up with real solutions to energy shortages, water access, and land rights that work for all of us. We need everyone at the table to meet what this moment demands. Join us.

How We Move Forward

We emerge as a new organization to meet this moment. It starts with an invitation: To Remember the hundreds of lives and livelihoods lost from the Gulf South to the Global South. To Reckon with policies that have got us here. To Repair as we seek justice and heal. And to Rise as we rally for the future we want for generations to come.


We will remain rooted in our identity in the Gulf South as we build with frontline organizations across the Global South. We will continue to call out extractive economies and advance ecologically just and restorative ones. And we will continue to amplify frontline Southern voices and perspectives across the nation and the world.

Calls to Action

Join us as we make magic and usher in a new era. We have too much at stake to let this moment pass.

  • July

    Demand that the federal government make meaningful investments and say no to new offshore or onshore drilling.

    Sign Our Petition
  • August

    Join us for Climate on Tap, a seven-day multimedia journey starting August 29, to learn and take action in your community.

    Coming Soon …
  • October

    Stay tuned for the launch of the Global Climate Reparations Fund!

    Coming Soon …

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