This lecture series hosted by CMind, the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society continues Arthur Zajonc’s work in building the education needed for a society based on compassion, inclusion, care for each other and the earth, and respect for the interconnection of all life.

As the topic of climate change enters into the psyche of more people, the work of more justice organizations, and the teachings of more learning institutions, the complexity of addressing both the invisible atmospheric crisis through the need for broader economic and social transformation shifts short term individual action into long-term social change. To do this the work rooted in culture, tradition, peace, and spirit requires an intersection of training, analysis-development, organizing, and solution-building. How can we serve our communities and honor long-standing traditions of sustainability? How can we address and heal trauma in the midst of the often traumatic impact of the climate crisis? How can we learn from struggles for sovereignty to advance a new climate reality? How can we spread knowledge, skills, and information rooted in traditional wisdom while creating more humane and ecologically just standards for climate solutions? We will discuss the importance of exploring these questions so that we forge and fortify networks rooted in a shared power, as opposed to an unchangeable fate.