Our Team:  Our Krewe

Meet our krewe.

We are from Mississippi and Vermont, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. We are cooks, attorneys, artists, parents, and frontline¬†organizers. We are staff and board. We work with love and abundance, knowing that this movement will need all of us. By the way, a krewe is a Louisiana word that describes a formation that stages a parade or other event for a carnival celebration. Here’s a look at the people behind the scenes who make the magic happen.

Annika London
Content Manager for Global Programs
Zanetta Rose Jones
Content Manager, Domestic Programs & Puerto Rico
A.L. McCullough
Executive Coordinator - Strategy Team
Naadiya Hutchinson
Just Transition Lawyering Manager
Veronica Coptis
Senior Advisor
Nat Wachowski-Estes
Finance Director
Donald Anthonyson
Senior Organizer: Taproot Noire
Chris Battle Sr.
Climate Disaster Recovery Manager
Colette Pichon Battle, Esq.
Vision & Initiatives Partner
Kate Barron-Alicante, MsC, CFP
Abacus Wealth Partners Director of Impact
Amy Laura Cahn
Legal Director
Dr. Joia A. Crear-Perry
National Birth Equity Collaborative Founder & President
Jamie Dardar (Billiot)
Youth Programs Manager
Chief Thomas Dardar, Jr.
United Houma Nation Former Principal Chief
Kendall Dix
National Policy Director
Tiffany Fant
Taproot Noire Program Manager
Clarice Friloux
Regional Organizer
Teresa Fox-Bettis
Center for Fair Housing Executive Director
Anthony Giancatarino
Strategy Partner
Stephanie Guilloud
Project South Co-Director
Andrei B. Greenwood
Communications Manager
Ashley Herad
Policy & Law Program Manager
Kellyn LaCour-Conant
Climate Ecologist & Strategist
Sriram Madhusoodanan
International Strategy Director
Michael McKenzie, M.Ed.
Regional Organizer: Gulf South for a Green New Deal
Sudha Nandagopal
Social Venture Partners CEO
Amy Paul
Communication Strategies Director
Emily Price
Operations Manager
N. Teresa Ramos
Regional Organizer: Gulf South for a Green New Deal
Grace Treffinger
Regional Organizer: Gulf South for a Green New Deal
Jennie Wachowski-Estes, MDiv
Spiritual & Organizational Resource Manager
Miya Yoshitani
Asian Pacific Environmental Network Executive Director

Working at Taproot