Vision, Mission and Values

Now is the time for frontline solutions in law, policy, and finance to help us advance the world that we deserve.


We envision a world where we all can live, rest, and thrive in the places that we love.


Taproot Earth builds power and cultivates solutions among frontline communities advancing climate justice and democracy. All of our work is rooted in a commitment to Black Liberation.


  • We recognize human rights and the rights of nature
  • We honor the indigeneity of the Earth and people
  • We seek to bring balance to our relationship with the Earth
  • We practice transformative justice rooted in repair
  • We cultivate sovereignty and community governance
  • We act with principle and accountability
  • We demand equity
  • We practice anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism, and we confront anti-Blackness
  • We hold abundance and love.