Manager of U.S. Convenings

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Do you want to join our Krewe?

Restoring the planet takes all kinds of people: creatives and pragmatists, cooks and accountants, builders and sustainers. We welcome people from a broad range of professional experiences, backgrounds, and geographies to join our diverse krewe. We offer a thriving wage, transparent salary scale, and robust benefits package. Furthermore, no one on the team makes more than three times anyone else. Learn about our generous compensation and benefits.

Our workplace culture should foster:

  • A dynamic where “We leave stronger than where and when we came in from.” 
  • A grounding or connection to place or people that allows us to be rooted in local community.
  • Everyone is expected to be working in their local place (could be city, county, state) and/or in a committed network as a part of their time at Taproot. This will bring forth personal accountability within the work at Taproot as well as foster the concept of Taproot being a resource.
  • Sustainable Praxis in line with our vision: we must make time for rest, restorative justice, healing, and creativity.
  • Downtime in the summer (July) and winter (December).
  • Act with humility and grace but from strength and honor.
  • We will make mistakes! Our vision and principles are lofty and we might not reach them every day. We want to practice humility and grace with each other and to the work. While we must be accountable and take responsibility, we cannot practice the culture of disposability.
  • Commitment to the work and accountability to our frontlines and base of people.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Nondiscrimination & Equal Employment

Taproot’s core mission and values drive us to seek a deep range of perspectives and personal histories. We work hard to create a culture in which individuals are seen, valued, and respected in all of their many identities. We expect every applicant to hold these values alongside us.

In practical terms, we are committed to employment practices that ensure applicants are given equal opportunity without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, physical or mental ability, neurodivergence, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, or any other factor that is not directly related to the position for which they are applying.

In line with the “Fair Chance” law of our home state of Louisiana, we will not consider as part of our hiring process any criminal histories that have not led to a conviction, even if they are uncovered in a background check. In the case of a recorded conviction, we will make a serious, individualized assessment of the applicant and the conviction in relation to the duties and requirements of the position for which they are applying.

As a remote workplace, we will also abide by any legal or regulatory requirements of the applicant’s state of residence that relate to discrimination or the use of specific information in the application, interview, and hiring process.

Access & Accommodation

If you have a need for specific accommodation in order to apply or interview for a position, contact We will endeavor to fulfill any reasonable request.

COVID Vaccination

To protect one another and the frontline communities we work with, all Taproot Krewe members are required to maintain up-to-date COVID vaccination levels (as recommended by the CDC) and to provide regular documentation of their vaccination status. Exemptions to this policy may be requested in cases of medical necessity.