Just Transition Lawyering Network

We are a community of attorneys, advocates, and scholars who are committed to building power, shifting resources, and engaging in systemic change for climate justice and a just transition.

As a network, we are committed to centering Black-, Brown-, and Indigenous-led frontline movements in all of our goals:

  • Building the Just Transition Lawyering field and community;
  • Establishing mechanisms for accountability to movements;
  • Coordinating across regions, strategies, sectors, and movement efforts;
  • Connecting frontline communities to legal resources; and
  • Mobilizing for rapid response to emergent and disaster needs.

The Network emerges from the historic work of the Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy. The Network also builds on the Just Transition Lawyering Institute (JTLI), which brought together participants for a 12-week pilot institute that ran from fall 2021 to spring 2022.

We will be sharing opportunities to get involved in building tools that allow for community-based, trauma-informed, movement lawyering that centers on Black Liberation and Indigenous sovereignty.

Stay tuned for our launch on April 20th.