Equitable Disaster Recovery

Hurricane Katrina was not a once-in-a-century event. In fact, climate disasters have struck every region and every season. One of the biggest lessons learned post-Katrina is this: frontline communities have the experience and solutions to resist disasters and build long-term efforts.  Yet, the historic, structural, and political disinvestment in these communities has limited how the frontlines can rebuild after the storm

Taproot Earth’s role is not that of rapid response.  Rather, we honor the deep history of southern mutual aid societies and strong and sacred community relationships.  We want to be a space for connection and creativity, before and after disaster strikes.

The communities most impacted know how to plan and rebuild. Taproot sees our role as to mobilize resources to the frontlines so their solutions can take root, build capacity for communities to prepare, and ensure that equitable solutions can be replicated.