Global Climate Reparations

Capitalism and the climate crisis know no borders, and neither should we. We also know that Black and Indigenous communities across the globe are the most impacted by these crises, while corporations and the Global North bear responsibility.

After seven years of bringing frontline leaders from the Gulf South to international climate talks, we have developed an approach that involves: developing a shared understanding of the climate crisis, advocating for a loss and damage fund that accounts for historic harm, advancing just climate migration policies, and identifying alternative methods of global financing that are aligned with a just and equitable transition.

Learn about the REEF Fund for Global Climate Reparations.

Here is your invitation to create a climate legacy: REEF FUND

  • Taproot Noire:

    We are organizing a global formation offering leadership development, movement infrastructure, and models of collective governance and self-governed practices across the Black diaspora.

  • The REEF Fund for Global Climate Reparations:

    The REEF Fund is currently being developed through a community process and is anticipated to launch in 2024. The REEF Fund will be a community-driven and governed fund that aims to mobilize resources for climate reparations focused on the global Black diaspora. The Fund is an effort to be a model for how public climate funds can be advanced in accountable ways while investing in real tangible solutions communities need to mitigate, adapt, and address the impacts of loss and damage due to the climate crisis.

  • The Underground:

    The Underground will be a network of seven community-governed locations that offer safety, healing, retreat, and curated experiences to support frontline innovation and creativity.

  • International Policy and Strategy:

    Building power to advance global climate reparations, advocate for debt cancelation and climate finance transformation, and  champion justice for climate migrants.

Colette Pichon Battle (center) COP26 Peoples Summit for Climate Justice.