Taproot Earth

What We Do

Movement Building

Our role in the movement is clear: we provide critical infrastructure to seed formations, facilitate self-governance, and advance climate justice and democracy. This looks like peoples movement assemblies, where frontline groups gather, analyze a problem, and engage in collective decision-making. These networks span communities, issues, and geographies. 

We use our relationships to mobilize resources so that impacted groups are positioned to take on local fights, in addition to dreaming up and implementing solutions.

Law & Policy

Too often, communities are treated as afterthoughts or brought in once a public policy or piece of legislation has already been negotiated. 

Building on our legacy institution, we work with communities to assess what’s at stake and identify what is needed to develop just pathways forward. This work involves bringing a frontline lens to legal analysis, participatory research, and policy strategies, informed and shaped by those who have the most at risk. 

Recent teach-ins have examined the impacts of a state climate policy on coastal workers and ensuring frontline voices are included during public comment periods on federal policies. 

As in all of our work, our approach is to offer an unapologetic Southern perspective to the climate crisis that can inform policy and legal solutions across the nation and the globe.

Our Law & Policy work includes:

Just Transition Lawyering Network

National Policy

Global Climate Reparations

We face intersectional crises of global climate change, a failing economy, and a fragile democracy. We know that capitalism and the climate crisis know no borders, and neither should we. We also know that the Black and Indigenous communities across the Globe are the most impacted by these crises, while extractive corporations and the Global North bear responsibility.

Our global work arises out of seven years of work bringing together Gulf South frontline leaders with the global frontlines at the international climate talks. Focusing on conversations such as loss and damage, global finance, and climate migration, we continue this work by building solidarity, alignment, and people power across the globe to create pathways to reckon and account for harm and resource a just path forward.

Our Global Climate Reparations work includes:

Global Climate Reparations Initiative

The REEF Fund for Global Climate Reparations

Climate Disaster Recovery

Hurricane Katrina was not a once in a century event. Climate disasters have struck every region and every season. 

Beyond the real-time damage that ensues, each climate disaster unearths long-standing inequities tied to the carceral state, housing, and job insecurities. Furthermore, more people are being dispossessed of their lands and livelihoods.

A different way forward is possible. We draw strength from a deep history of southern mutual aid societies, and strong and sacred community relationships .  

We work with communities to build their capacity and coordinate resource deployment to ensure that no one is left behind during the disaster or recovery.

Instead of plastic water bottles, imagine community-scale water filtration systems. Rather than running diesel generators, imagine solar generators and batteries to provide refrigeration and power in need. 

Our Climate Disaster Recovery work includes:

Equitable Climate Disaster Recovery

Climate Migration

Listen, amplify, and follow.

Join us as we make magic and usher in a new era.
We have too much at stake to let this moment pass.