It takes will, strategy and courage to build a world where everyone thrives. Our approach is multi-prong: We invest in and create paths for repair and building alternative models; we divest in policies rooted in U.S. and Global North extraction, including all fossil fuels; and, we look to transforming the systems that govern our land, energy, and water.

Our History

Our legacy is rooted in the disaster recovery work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when the climate crisis was revealed in full force. In the backdrop of Black and Indigenous communities left out of federal recovery systems, the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy emerged to provide relief and legal assistance to survivors across the region.

In the years that followed, frontline communities from the Gulf South to the Global South have witnessed more devastating storms, droughts, wildfires, heat, and land loss.

Taproot Earth was founded to create connections and power across issues, movements, and geographies.

Over the next seven years, we will take bold steps to address the climate crisis. We invite everyone to be part of this journey.

Our Name

A taproot is

a central element in a line of growth or development.

Reaching deep underground, a taproot absorbs water and nutrients to withstand drought. Every tree starts with a taproot, an anchor — over time, other roots outgrow the taproot.

Like the wild dandelion, oak tree, okra, and sagebrush, Taproot Earth “seeds” formations that draw strength from each other during times of stress and support each other to rise and renew.

And like a mature tree, we build collective resilience so that the movement will outgrow us.

Listen, amplify, and build.

Join us as we make magic and usher in a new era. We have too much at stake to let this moment pass.