About Us

Climate change is not the problem; climate change is the most horrible symptom of an economic system that has been built for a few to extract every precious value out of this planet and its people. To survive this next phase of our human existence, our social, political and economic systems must be transformed to regenerate the earth and advance human liberty globally. We must transform from a disposable, individual society into one that sees our collective long-term humanity, or else we will not make it. We must acknowledge that the only way to survive is for us to figure out how to reach a shared liberation together.

Colette Pichon Battle, Taproot Earth Vision & Initiatives Partner

Taproot Earth is taking bold steps to alter the course of climate change by 2030: our Liberation Horizon. We invite you to join us as we align and build power across the climate frontlines — ensuring those who have the most at stake are leading the way. 

Our History

Our journey started in 2005. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf South, the climate crisis had unleashed in full force. Black and Indigenous communities were both most impacted by the storm and failed by recovery systems, unable to receive resources to secure their homes or restore their livelihoods. Since then, frontline communities from the Gulf South to the Global South have witnessed even more damaging storms, worsening droughts, deadly wildfires, debilitating heat, and devastating land loss. 

We formed the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy to provide disaster and legal assistance to Katrina survivors across the Gulf South. Through that work we learned that the solution to the climate crisis is much bigger than recovery: we urgently need a just transition to an economic, political, and social system that values people over profits, and the collective over the few. In 2022, recognizing the need for bigger, bolder, broader strategies, we transformed into Taproot Earth: an international organization on a mission to advance global climate solutions rooted in, and accountable to, the frontlines. 

Over the next seven years, we will take bold and impactful steps that will alter the course of climate change for human and planetary existence.

Our Strategy

It is undeniable: flooding, droughts, land and economic devastation, displacement, and other climate disasters are direct consequences of extractive economies. The solutions lie in people power: stronger democracy, community governance, self-determination, and full bodily autonomy. Collectively, we can meet this challenge — if we start now. This is our time to rise.

We have the power to change course. Taking what we have learned from our origins, we push forward with solutions that start with accountability to our communities. Our strategy prioritizes the communities and solutions from the ground:

We know climate solutions do not exist in a vacuum, separate from other inequities. As we experience increased attacks on our public institutions and assaults on Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and poor communities — the fallouts of systems that have historically disinvested in stable housing, living wage jobs, and public services — we know our movements have to be intersectional. 

We choose now to move with joy, abundance, and humility, knowing that fear and scarcity will not liberate us.

Our Name

Taproot: the central element in a line of growth or development; the point of greatest resistance. Reaching deep underground, taproots absorb water and nutrients to withstand drought and anchor the plant. Every tree starts with a taproot that provides stability and absorption — then over time, other roots outgrow the taproot.

Like the wild dandelion and the oak tree, like okra and sagebrush, Taproot goes deep to anchor and connect frontlines to frontlines. Like seeds, we nourish formations that draw strength from each other during times of stress. Like leaves, we know our movements have seasons, times to rise and times to renew. This is how we survive and thrive. And like a mature tree, we build collective resilience so that the movement will outgrow us.

Our Full Story

Learn even more about our origin story and our vision in Climate on Tap, an immersive seven-day audio journey featuring our most sacred partners from the climate frontline. Listen here or on your favorite podcast platform.

Meet our krewe.

We are from Mississippi and Vermont, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. We are cooks, attorneys, artists, parents, and frontline organizers. We work with love and abundance, knowing that this movement will need all of us.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we all can live, rest, and thrive in the places we love.

Our Mission

Taproot Earth builds power and cultivates solutions among frontline communities advancing climate justice and democracy.

Our Values

  • We recognize human rights and the rights of nature
  • We honor the indigeneity of the Earth and people
  • We seek to bring balance in our relationship with the Earth
  • We practice transformative justice rooted in repair
  • We cultivate sovereignty and community governance
  • We act with principle and accountability
  • We demand equity
  • We learn anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism, and we confront anti-Blackness
  • We hold abundance and love.

Listen, amplify, and follow.

Join us as we make magic and usher in a new era.
We have too much at stake to let this moment pass.