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Working at Taproot

At Taproot, we try to live our values, which means paying a thriving wage, sharing a transparent salary scale, and providing a robust benefits package. Furthermore, no one on the team makes more than three times anyone else.

Salary Scale

Band A$180,000Partners
Band B$130,000 – 165,000Senior Advisors, Senior Directors, Chief of Staff
Band C$90,000 – 120,000Directors
Band D$75,000 – 85,000Managers, Strategists, Senior Organizers, Senior Fellows
Band E$60,000 – 70,000Organizers, Researchers, Coordinators, Analysts

* Merit increases within a range are linked to additional responsibilities, management obligations, experience, and relevant credentials. Salaries are also eligible for an annual cost-of-living increase. 


In addition to the salary, Taproot offers the following benefits to full-time employees:



Downtimes are renewal periods where Taproot holds no external meetings or events and very limited internal meetings. Staff focus on rest, catch-up, planning, personal and professional development, and team building.

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