Climate on Tap

Climate on Tap

Rituals of Remembrance & Restoration

A 7-day Virtual Experience

August 29th – September 4th, 2022

In honor of our debut, Taproot Earth invites you to a riveting 7-day virtual experience featuring the voices of frontline leaders taking on – and advancing – solutions to the climate, economic, and political crises of our times. 

This 7-day journey is grounded in our commitment to Black liberation, Indigenous leadership, and honoring of frontline solutions. Beginning with a sacred remembrance of the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina and Ida, this event will feature conversations and reflections that show the collective power of frontline communities to rise up and meet the moment we are in, so we can all live, rest and thrive in the places that we love.

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Taproot Earth invites you to remember, restore and re-imagine by tuning in to a daily series grounded in spirit and community.

Climate on Tap

Event Overview

August 29th –  Remember

Born of climate disasters and sustained by the frontlines, Taproot remembers and honors the strength of those most directly impacted by climate change.

Featuring: Teresa Fox-Bettis

August 30th –  Reckon

We reckon with how practices of extraction, disinvestment, and scarcity create the climate reality we are in and learn how we move toward solutions rooted in restoration, abundance, and love.

Featuring: Marsha Jackson and Veronica Coptis

August 31st –  Reclaim

We reclaim our connection to each other and the planet through our relationships with land, water, and energy so we can build a way forward to a collective future.

Featuring: Former Principal Chief Thomas Dardar and Bette Billiot

September 1st –  Repair + Resource

We repair the harms that extractive economies inflict on our communities. We move resources rooted in reparation and mutuality to those who need it the most.

Featuring: Alison Corwin, Ashleigh Gardere, and Flozell Daniels

September 2nd –  Restore

We reimagine how we can advance a more equitable and just democracy that restores our relationships to one another and the planet.

Featuring: Denise Fairchild and Anthony Giancatarino

September 3rd –  Rise

Rise with us as we build power, community, and movement to reimagine our future.

Featuring: Miya Yoshitani and Stephanie Guilloud

September 4th –  Rest

We rest to honor pauses in our work and movements. Rest is resistance to a system that continues to extract. Rest reimagines our relationship to our labor. Rest allows us to connect with our own humanity and our place on this planet. What can we learn when we slow down?

Featuring: Taproot Earth’s own, Anthony Giancatarino, Colette Pichon Battle, and Mana Tahaie