At Taproot, we try to live our values, which means paying a thriving wage, sharing a transparent salary scale, and providing a robust benefits package. Furthermore, no one on the team makes more than three times anyone else. Here is what this means in practice.

Salary Scale

Band Positions Range*
Band A
Senior Fellows, Senior Advisors, Chief of Staff, and Partners
$ 170,000.00 –
$ 210,000.00
Band B
Specialists, Senior Program Fellows
$ 115,000.00  –
$ 170,000.00
Band C
Manager & Strategists, Senior Project Fellows, Senior Organizers, Executive Coordinators
$ 85,000.00 –
$ 120,000.00
Band D
Coordinators, Assistants, Organizers, Organizing Fellows
$ 70,000.00 –
$ 90,000.00

* Merit increases within a range are linked to additional responsibilities, management obligations, experience, and relevant credentials. Taproot also provides an annual 3% cost-of-living increase.


In addition to the salary, Taproot offers the following benefits to full-time employees:


      • Remote work: We have a virtual office; all employees work from a home office. (Occasional-to-frequent travel is required depending on the role.)

      • Unlimited time off and flexible work schedules: Employees are eligible to take unlimited PTO and are encouraged to take at least three weeks off a year. Staff set their own work schedules. As long as employees meet their goals, we don’t monitor how they do their work.

      • Holidays: Taproot is closed for several observances each year, for a total of 19 days.

      • Health benefits: We pay for 100% of the employee’s medical, dental, and vision insurance.

      • Basic Life/AD&D insurance: We provide a $50,000 basic life insurance policy.

      • Office supplies and equipment: Employees receive a one-time $1,500 stipend for initial home office setup.

      • Internet stipend: $50/month

      • Cell phone stipend: $50/month

      • Professional development: $1000/year

      • Personal development: $1000/year

    • Retirement (pending): 3% employer contribution to a values-aligned retirement plan.


      • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

      • Lundi Gras

      • Mardi Gras

      • Ash Wednesday

      • Good Friday

      • Memorial Day

      • Juneteenth

      • Independence Day

      • Labor Day

      • Indigenous People’s Day

      • Gumbo Season (Native American Heritage Day, Thanksgiving Wednesday and Thursday)

    • Winter Holiday


Downtimes are renewal periods where Taproot holds no external meetings or events and very limited internal meetings. Staff is encouraged to focus on rest, catch-up, planning, personal and professional development, and team building.