We invite you to join us in reaching for the Liberation Horizon: a world where everyone can live, rest and thrive in the places they love.

Like a dandelion taking root in different fields, we approach our work recognizing the interconnectedness of our issues and movements.

Scientists have identified 2030 as the point of no return to address the climate crisis, a timeline that has provoked a sense of scarcity, urgency, and technical solutions that divide us from each other and the Earth. The Liberation Horizon rejects the culture of disposability, extraction, authoritarianism, and privatization.

Instead, we root in solutions in inclusion, accountability, stewardship, and justice, and lean into abundance, love, and healing.

At every step along the way, we aspire for balance, harmony, and being in the right relationship with each other and the Earth, recognizing that the journey of the next seven years is as important as the destination.