Clarice Friloux

Regional Organizer

For over three decades, Clarice has been working up and down the bayous of south Louisiana with frontline and fence line communities facing the climate crisis and the unjust ripple of side effects caused by the fossil fuel industry. She has served on the board of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network since the mid-90s when she began her fight to get the oil waste pits in a flood zone near her community closed.

Post-BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster she worked as the United Houma Nation’s outreach coordinator. And in the aftermath of 2022’s Hurricane Ida, she collaborated with the Saint Bernard Project to set up a FEMA support office in her front yard to help folks navigate paperwork so they could file claims and appeals.

Clarice is a lifelong resident of Grand Bois (Big Woods), Louisiana, she is a citizen of the United Houma Nation, a mother and grandmother, a daughter of a long line of strong Indigenous matriarchs, an oil waste pit fighter, and a protector of the land and waters she calls home. Clarice is fluent in Cajun French.