Caitlin Fritz

Manager, Database and Fundraising

Caitlin Fritz is the Manager, Database and Fundraising, for Taproot Earth. She brings experience in community organizing, education, nonprofit management, leadership development, and grant writing. 

Most recently Caitlin was the Managing Director of 215 People’s Alliance (215PA),  a multi-racial, membership-based collective dedicated to building poor and working-class solidarity, equity, and justice in Philadelphia’s Black, Brown, immigrant, and white communities. At 215PA she launched the People’s Kitchen project, distributing 200+ daily meals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and designed new political education and leadership programming.

Caitlin has a long history of building community-driven leadership. She was part of Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools, and a member of the Philadelphia Participatory Research Collective, where she engaged in critical participatory action research to understand community organizing and coalition-building dynamics, focusing on leadership programs grounded in equity and healing.

Raised in Virginia, Caitlin pursued her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at Saint Joseph’s University and obtained an M.A. in Community Development and Planning from Clark University in Massachusetts. She discovered her passion for community gardens as organizing spaces while starting a garden with middle school youth during her time as a community organizer in graduate school.

Caitlin currently resides in Philadelphia, where she enjoys cooking, gardening, supporting Philadelphia sports, hiking with her pitbull Luna, and painting, despite being colorblind.