Company Overview

Taproot Earth is a new international organization galvanizing frontline solutions to address our climate reality. We are dedicating the next seven years to the ambitious goal of slowing climate change and delivering for the planet. We envision a world where we all can live, rest, and thrive in the places we love.

Job Responsibilities and Role Description

The Weaver role reports to the Chief of Staff. In addition, the Weaver role will work collaboratively across the organization to provide support to Taproot Earth’s Strategy Circles, Actions Teams, and Strike Teams that support the effective, efficient, and values-aligned execution of Taproot Earth’s Strategic Plan, initiatives, and priorities. The role will be responsible for facilitating effective management and team practices, leadership development, upward and peer feedback, decision-making and accountability support, and reporting within and across Taproot Earth’s Strategic decision-making and execution journey.

About the Position

Taproot is seeking qualified professionals or trained independent facilitators and coaches for the role of Weaver reporting to the Chief of Staff to help support our Taproot Earth staff and teams. This is a full-time, hybrid role that will require occasional travel. Candidates with exceptional team building, structural and systems analysis, leadership development, and coaching skills, who are committed to climate justice, frontline leadership, Black Liberation, and building a movement for a more just and sustainable economy are encouraged to apply.

The position requires demonstrated competency in the following areas:

  • Demonstrated progressive experience in leading, coaching, and developing functionally and culturally diverse teams, including management, and frontline community leaders. (working in a non-profit is an asset)
  • Demonstrated ability to think and communicate (written and verbal) strategically, and support and steward the development of strategies, action plans, outcomes, and measurable impacts that align with the organization’s vision, mission, guiding principles, and core competencies.
  • The competence, comfort, and commitment to constructively articulate, illuminate, and apply a rigorous power and anti-black race analysis when confronting social norms, policies, language, team behaviors, and group structures that diminish the voice, thoughts, language, lived experiences and universal analysis of black, brown and indigenous people within and across the teams you are working with.
  • Proven experience working within a facilitative leadership and/or regenerative leadership framework with domestic and global teams comprising a diverse and multi-generational group of people.
  • Excellent communication skills in a remote workplace and online environment, including the ability to communicate timely, and effectively within and across teams at all levels of the organization, as well as with our external partners and stakeholders.
  • Lived experience in, or demonstrated knowledge of Black, Indigenous, and poor people’s rights, cultures, histories, languages, and communities as well as the impacts of climate change on the Global South, Gulf South Region, and Appalachian communities.
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing environmental justice and practices of anti-Black, BIPOC, gender, and other forms of structural and internalized oppression, within frontline community-driven organizations and our All Krewe.

Key Duties, Responsibilities, & Deliverables

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Chief of Staff to plan, align, and weave the various and dynamic aspects of care, culture, infrastructure, and operations to support Taproot Earth’s Strategy Circle framework, projects, and the talent that rely upon this framework to make and execute high-quality decisions for our frontline communities, our formations, and the All Krewe and to do so in a remote ready workplace.  
  • Catalyze and coordinate Strategy Circle framework (SCF) and Centers of Excellence (COE)-wide activities in alignment with current and emergent strategies.
  • Promote, model, measure, and celebrate evidence of Beautiful Leadership™, through your leadership impact and the coaching and support you provide to members of the Taproot Earth All Krewe, the teams they participate in, and the communities they serve.
  • Identify, hold space, and support the free expression of convergent, overlapping, and divergent worldviews within the Strategy Circle Framework, processes, and practices. 
  • Create, model, advance, and protect a culture of care by ensuring each participant’s ideas, lived experiences, worldviews, and present realities are seen, heard, and valued throughout the Strategy Circle workflow.
  • Track, monitor, and measure and provide developmental tools and tactics that empower all Strategy Circle Framework participants to understand and take responsibility for how they are holding, sharing, and surrendering their personal, structural, and cultural power to ensure the production of safe and equitable outcomes for our frontline communities, formations, and the All Krewe. 
  • Introduce, educate, monitor, and evolve our decision-making protocols by ensuring that all participants in the Strategy Circle Framework receive feedback and coaching that enable them to embody the practices of high-quality decision-making, including DARCI, the right use of power analysis, conflict resolution, challenging your assumptions, anti-black and gender-based microaggressions, leveraging worldviews, political alignment, care, transparency and trust, and the core principles of regenerative and facilitative leadership.  

Duties, Responsibilities, & Deliverables

  • Partners with the executive and senior leadership team to develop strategies, tools, and protocols that improve the impact and outcomes of the Strategy Circle Framework.
  • Work closely with the Chief of Staff to provide support and guidance to Human Resources, Operations, Convenings, IT, and other organizational functions when complex, specialized, and sensitive questions and issues arise within the Strategy Circles Framework.
  • Generate a monthly written status report of progress and challenges for the teams you are supporting.
  • Manage the identification, escalation, and resolution of any “important/urgent” issues that arise within the Strategy Circle Framework through and use of the Asteroid report to track and report these issues to the appropriate leaders and all krewe.
  • Facilitate integration of weaving perspective and practice throughout Strategy Circle activities.
  • Use mapping to identify opportunities for connections among individuals and projects to better connect the Strategy Circles, Actions Team, and Strike Teams.

Desired Qualities/Experience/Skills

  • Experience in building and nurturing high-performing teams, coalitions, or communities of practice that encompass a range of perspectives, cultures, languages, and backgrounds, including experience growing online/offline communities.
  • Proficiency in network mapping tools and analysis of maps like MIRO, etc.
  • Comfortable working in a quick-paced environment and with emergent strategies, and tactics.
  • The ability to de escalate tension, challenge assumptions, and provide feedback while modeling care, and transparency.  
  • Open to experimentation, learning, and adjustments along the way; ability to push through ambiguity to deliver results.
  • Deep passion for building and supporting relationships; skilled in lifting up the work of others, often in a behind-the-scenes way.
  • Strong project-management skills including great attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to manage projects with many moving parts.
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills that are rich in emotional intelligence.
  • Comfortable flying in the cloud (Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.), and proficient with or willing to learn Miro or other network-mapping tools.
  • Ability to work independently and think creatively about how to leverage the resources at your disposal.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate openly and directly with co-workers and community members and hold equitable spaces for co-generational voices, wisdom, and lived experiences.

Primary Responsibilities

The Weaver creates, cultivates, and ensures high-quality relationships and collaborations that advance the mission of the Taproot Earth. Primary responsibilities are to:

Convene the Circles and Teams:

  • Help design and facilitate meetings and team activities
  • Work with the Convenings team to organize online and offline logistics, including meeting locations, catering, materials, reminders, etc.

Catalyze the SCF

  • Support new member onboarding and offboarding (when a member leaves the team or the organization)
  • Facilitate connections between participants and processes for team building and self-care.

Coordinate the SCF

  • Join monthly Weaver Team meetings and calls, identifying points of intersection and bottlenecks, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Track and report project progress, outcomes, asteroids, and bottlenecks.
  • Capture key takeaways and next steps from convenings, meetings, and sessions.
  • Regularly update the network dashboard and provide monthly updates.
  • Maintain the Strategy Circle Framework’s technological infrastructure (Mycelium, Google Docs, Miro, input for Board Updates, etc.) and keep them up to date.
  • Function as the primary point of contact for your circle or teams internally and externally.
  • Keep internal conversations vibrant and alive
  • Reach out to drifting participants and find creative ways to re-engage them.

Essential Skills

  • Strong interpersonal abilities, with a willingness to cross boundaries and work inter-generationally with diverse people.
  • Solid facilitation and presentation skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail, super organized, great time management
  • Dynamic problem-solving skills

Personal Characteristics

  • Deep passion for the mission
  • Personal humility, servant leader, network entrepreneur
  • Knows how to ask for and receive help
  • Proactive, self-starter, loves to take initiative with an urgency to get the job done
  • Understands the big picture and larger context of the work, systems thinker
  • Ability to see all sides of an issue
  • Patient, stays cool under pressure
  • Great sense of humor, ability to see the positive
  • Loves nature

Salary Range and Employment Terms

These are Band A – B positions with a starting salary range of $120,000 – $160,000

35 – 40 hours per week. Position will require occasional travel, attending conferences or convenings, and some evening/weekend engagements.


Benefits are available on our website at .

Level of Language Proficiency

English is required and Spanish, French, and Portuguese are highly desirable.


Remote-first organization with a Movement House in Slidell, LA

Apply to This Job

Send your cover letter, resume and three recommendations to

Taproot Earth is an equal-opportunity, At-will employer.  Employment is based on annual performance reviews and stakeholder feedback.